Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Barry and Pearson have some fun at The Poisoned Pen

Both Ridley Pearson and Dave Barry were in The PP last week talking about Science Fair. The plot is pretty funny... Kids who attend a semi-elite school gain world-wide acclaim for their science fair projects.

It also so happens that the kids' parents are DOD engineers.

The projects turn out to showcase new technology not yet released by the government and one European Country sees the slip up as an opportunity. Grdankl the Strong, president of Kprshtskan infiltrates the school science fair, taking the DOD secrets into consideration for creating a weapon that will destroy the United States.

The young kids who stumble onto his plot take it upon themselves to stop him as he throws every road block possible in the way of their stolen Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile...

Barry and Pearson, of course, executed their own Science Fair in the bookstore. Humor ensued as well as a pretty large mess. They plead the fifth, but we think they knew the kind of destruction that they would cause and couldn't resist.

They are crowned champions of school yard humor and young readers will definitely see this come out in their new book which is available on our website. There are some signed first editions still available. Just click on the link. Science Fair (Disney Editions)

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