Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Moms Need Some Ideas For Summer?

With summer coming up, it can be hard to entertain your children or grandchildren. Keeping kids reading and their minds active during this long hiatus is important so that going back to school doesn’t become a chore. Furthermore, it’s good to have numerous activities to keep the kids from becoming bored. Fortunately, there are two books which not only provide hours of reading but also keep the kids active with some fun (and inexpensive) activities. Crime Lab:Trap the Spy: ($20) is a book and crime lab set that provides hours of fun for the kids. By using litmus paper, phosphorous powder, UV lights, a microscope and a book, kids learn methods that crime scene investigators use and they can solve the crimes found within the book. The second book,The Master Detective Handbook by Janice Eaton Kilby ($8), follows three junior sleuths as they solve a mystery in their small town. Sprinkled throughout the novel are recipes and activities for the kids to do to help the sleuths solve the mystery. Both books are great fun and don’t forget to sign your kids and teens up for your local public library’s summer reading program!

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