Monday, May 5, 2008

New For Kids

Crime Lab: Trap the Spy by Hunter S. Fulghum ($20). A dangerous crime has been committed! Spies have infiltrated a top-secret lab, a double agent is loose, and someone has stolen some important plans. Tracking down spies is tricky, and young readers can learn whether or not they’re up to the task with this book and crime lab. Using the tools included, they test theories and narrow down suspects. Will they succeed and become super sleuths, or end up scratching their heads?

Steel Trapp: The Challenge ($17) is the first book in a new YA series by bestselling author Ridley Pearson. Steven “Steel” Trapp is a science geek extraordinaire, with a photographic memory. Once he’s seen something, he can remember it in vivid detail. He has a memory like a steel trap, which is where he gets his nickname. Set at a Washington D. C. Science Fair this fast paced story will keep you guessing right to the end.

Tree Shepherd's Daughter
($10) by Gillian Summers the first in The Faire Folk Trilogy a new YA series. When her mother dies, 15 year old Keelie Heartwood is forced to leave California to live with her nomadic father at a Renaissance festival. Payacting the Dark Ages is an LA girl's worst nightmare, and she plans to ditch this medieval geekland ASAP. But then Keelie begins to see the fairies and discovers her connection to a community of elves...

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