Sunday, May 8, 2011

James Sallis Update - A Clip from Drive

We've been in touch with Mr. Sallis a bit about coming to sign at the store. It won't be for several months, but Jim has asked if he can bring his band to entertain attendees...stay tuned!


Latest Sallis News...May 2011: Watch a two-minute clip of theDrive movie on the Cannes Festival website. Some comment on it herehere,here and here. Additional reaction to theDrive clip can be found here and here. Check out the latest scoop (and some great photos) on the Drive movie at the Cannes Film Festival — screening next week. ...from April 2011: Cliff Martinez will be scoring the movie Drive. The Drivemovie poster can be seen here. Drive isgoing to Cannes!. See more buzz aboutDrive at the Cannes Film Festival hereand here.

If you still would like to know more, check out our webcast of an event with Jim and Craig McDonald earlier this year:

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