Monday, January 31, 2011


Several things to mention…first of all however are the free gifts from Dana that will be given away tomorrow at the launch of THOUGH NOT DEAD. Two (quite nice) mugs featuring the cover of her latest novel as well as two DVD’s which contain Dana’s interview on PBS recently. Lastly, I’ve let the author speak for herself and her latest novel.
Dana on Faces of Alaska


JANUARY 31, 2011 by Dana
Tomorrow is publication day for Though Not Dead, the eighteenth Kate Shugak novel.

I can’t review my own book, I can’t say that not only is it the best Kate Shugak novel ever, that it is the best novel I have ever written, better even than Red Planet Run, until now my favorite book. No, no, that would be, well, less than humble. Try egotistical, and reeking equally of self-importance, self-aggrandizement and self-puffery.
So I’ll let Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus, and Booklist do it for me. But only because they agree with me.
Click here to order your copy.

EDIT: The event was a success...

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