Monday, August 30, 2010

Great News about Spinetingler !

Many authors which have visited The Poisoned Pen have been interviewed by Keith Rawson. His interviews go up on Spinetingler Magazine's website. Thanks to a tweet from author Hilary Davidson, I was alerted to several things about Spinetingler Magazine...stories on their website can now win Edgar Awards, amongst other things like their measly 100,000 visitors in 7 months. Someday, poisonedfiction.blogspot....we'll be there too, but for now we're are just happy for them.

Spinetingler hits 100 thousand

Since the reboot in February, in just 28 weeks, Spinetingler has had 100,000 visitors.
To you, the 100,000th visitor and to all of the others we say thanks. Here’s to another 100,000.

Congrats Spinetingler! and thanks for the heads-up Hilary!  


  1. Thanks for the props! My name's spelled wrong, but we love the attention!

  2. i'm one of the hundred thousand and i'll be one of the next hundred, too. it's constantly updating with interesting stuff from reviews to interviews to general round ups. you name it, they've probably got it. spinetingler, here's to hitting a million.
    thanks a 100 000

  3. Thanks so much for the very kind mentions, both of Spinetingler and of me. I love Spinetingler — there is so much great, original content on the site, from essays to reviews and from short stories to interviews (Keith's video interviews are particularly terrific). Also, I'm thrilled to be visiting the Poisoned Pen on November 2nd!

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