Friday, August 15, 2008

From Patricia

Pinter, Jason. The Stolen Daniel Linwood disappeared from his parents' house in Hobbs County New York five years ago. Now he's back with no memory of what happened. To evade the media frenzy, the Linwoods pick Gazette reporter Henry Parker to tell their story. When Henry, first met in The Mark and The Guilty ($8), suspects a sinister organization behind Daniel's loss, he needs the talent of his former girlfriend Amanda. But she narrowly survived the last two cases Henry undertook.

Sansom, Ian. The Book Stops Here Determined to resign, bookmobile librarian Israel Armstrong changes course when the library board offers to fund a trip for him and his partner to London for the Mobile Meet, a bookmobile conference with prize money and the chance to order a new van. Even his mum's dreadful paprika chicken and store bought baklava can't dampen his elation at escaping Northern Ireland for civilized London. But his girlfriend Gloria isn't at the flat they shared or answering her cell. And his morose partner Ted's dread becomes real when something happens to his beloved rustbucket of a van. Third in the series after The Case of the Missing Books and Mr. Dixon disappears ($14).

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